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Are you fed up of diets that have no effect and if anything actually make you softer and not put on weight? If you cannot find the right ectomorph diet to help pack on muscle then I’m glad that you found this site and I suggest you keep reading.


My ectomorph Diet results

My Results!

Designing a diet plan on your own can be extremely difficult. Luckily for you I am adapting my advice in this article from one of the best diet plans currently available; THE RENEGADE DIET.

It goes against all the usual, traditional advice for body-building dieting and has proven to be effective for tens of thousands of users. If you are a skinny guy who wants to bulk, this should become your bible!

An ectomorph will need to seriously up their calorie intake so that their is plenty of energy and nutrients to kick start massive muscle growth. However this isn’t always easy, when you have to eat 4,000-6,000 calories per day to gain size it can become a bit of a slog. Therefore you want to make sure a lot of those meals are easy going down. You can’t be chewing through a big, lean, dry steak and broccoli all day. It’s would take forever and wouldn’t be very enjoyable anyway!

Ectomorph Diet Plan

Example of a non-training day lower-calorie diet plan

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For gaining size there’s no better meal than a big bowl of beef mince and brown rice. Throw in some greens (i.e. broccoli, asparagus) and you’re good to go. That goes down a treat and won’t leave you completely stuffed!


Another one is 6-8 scrambled eggs and a big bowl of hot rice cereal with berries. You can also add some almond, hemp or raw milk to it and a tablespoon of nut butter.


Cook gluten free oats then mix an egg or two with some protein powder in them then frying them up in a bit of coconut oil or grass fed butter. Throwing some blueberries in there works pretty well too!


Have liquid carbs and protein right after training because it allows you to get more easy calories in. This means that you can eat another big meal 60-120 minutes later.

Renegade Ectomorph Diet

I personally believe that this ectomorph diet is the single best muscle building diet that money can buy and combined with an intense training program it helped me put on 32lbs of muscle and size. That is an amazing result and I can’t speak more highly of Jason Ferruggia’s amazing diet plan that is GUARANTEED to give you results.


Matt Simpson

Founder of ‘Body Type Fitness Network’

Eggs in an Ectomorph Diet?

Eggs are kind of essential in any muscle building diet but especially for an ectomorph diet because an intense muscle building workout will require you to repair the muscle that you tore from your heavy workout. An ectomorph five day plan should aim to have eggs 3-4 time in various forms (omelettes, scrambled, poached, fried). Personally I believe that scrambled eggs are so easy to make that they should be on every ectomorph diet menu along with brown rice and tuna.

Eggs for an ectomorph dietIf your aim is to go from skinny to muscular then you need to fill your diet with protein to provide the body with amino acids that repair torn muscle fibres and make them grow harder and stronger. The best muscle building foods are those that combine easily digestible proteins and that are completely natural. This is why grass-fed beef and organic chicken breasts are much better to base your diet off than just whey protein shakes that have all sorts of sweeteners in. Use whey protein as a muscle-building supplement to be taken after your workout when your body will burn up anything and everything it can get its hands on.

The ectomorph body type is the hardest to muscle on with, even if you have more of an ecto-mesomorph body type you may still find it extremely hard to pack on muscle. This is why sometimes even the best ectomorph chest workouts or body weight workouts whether performed at your bodybuilding gym or even just performed at home in your garage or room may not work.

Eggs form such an essential part of the ectomorph diet because they have lots of natural fats (so don’t have too many a day; unless you want high cholesterol when you’re 45) so a 4 egg omelette in the morning with some cayenne pepper thrown to get your metabolism kick-started is in my opinion the perfect muscle building breakfast.

Eggs should be on every ectomorph diet menu and for that matter anyone serious about getting into bodybuilding! (Just look after your heart and don’t have too many!)

Keep at it guys,


Weight Gain Diet Tricks

When planning the perfect ectomorph diet you must make sure that it is combined weight gaining workouts. These are high intensity power workouts that don’t require or call for strength endurance. This can come later. This means that a diet for weight gain will be specifically catered to allowing powerful, explosive movements (associated with squats or dead lifts).

For this I suggest brown rice or jasmine rice before with drizzling of olive oil and greens (broccoli, zucchini, runner beans) before you go and train to make sure you get the most energy you can before the workout. Also a powerade or other sugary glucose sports drink will provide you with immediate energy that can help you be even more explosive.

After your workout it is essential that you get in fast acting protein and long-burn carbs. This means that protein shakes are not essential BUT they are really useful. Realistically how do you feel about eating two chicken breasts and a packet of rice after squatting 150kg?

I feel terrible about that.

It is much easier to have a protein shake with some carbohydrates like malto-dextrin in it, then to have a meal an hour later. This gives your body time to settle down from the stress of the workout and go into full blown muscle building mode with all the carbohydrates that you consume. The meal should involve brown rice, wholemeal pasta or potato (white, red or sweet). My preference is brown rice but lots of people like mashed potato. Either is fine; just make sure you pack your body full of nutrients after a workout!

In terms of packing in calories, I genuinely am not impressed with a lot of muscle gain advice. 15 doughnuts provide no nutrition, just sugar and salt. The only time this might be acceptable is after German volume training on squats (10 sets 10 reps 75% of max) and still then you’d be better off just buying a malto-dextrin supplement.

I will do post in the future on muscle-building supplements and my favourites for weight gain and more importantly lean muscle gain. However until then make sure your diet is clean, and then at least you can be sure that your baseline is really healthy.

As jacked up you want to get, the aim should always be to make your body the best it can be and this starts with your ectomorph diet not your magic muscle-building supplements.

The Need for an Ectomorph Diet

The ectomorph has a ridiculously fast metabolism and this means that an ectomorph diet needs to be aimed at slowing down the metabolism. This is why all diets that promise to help you put on 20lbs in 9 months are so heavy on calories and carbohydrates.

These ‘sit’ on the stomach and stop the body from processing everything so quickly allowing more to be used for repairing the torn muscle fibres after weight training. It is essential to have around 100g of protein and near enough to 3500-4000 calories a day. This is the best way to continuously feed the muscles of your body.

Some perfect foods that are also convenient are tuna and pasta. It is amazing how many different ways this simple meal can be made. You can make a tomato pasta bake or you can go Italian style and use olive oil and salad and olives. There are plenty of options as long as you keep up the good fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

A well-designed ectomorph diet when combined with a intense, muscle focused ectomorph workout can provide fantastic results. If you are skinny then you need to eat, eat, eat and this will make a massive difference. However it must be well targeted, you cannot just eat doughnuts and you must focus getting GOOD fats and carbs.

Good fats: Olive Oil, Avocado, Cashew (or any kind of) nuts

Good Carbohydrates: Brown Rice, Wholemeal Pasta, Potatoes

In the next few weeks I will continue to put up posts that detail how to design a perfectly structured ectomorph diet for insane results.

Keep at it guys and keep the motivation!